Elaine Miller Bond is photographer for the book, The Utah Prairie Dog: Life Among the Red Rocks (available on pre-order from Amazon). She is also the author/illustrator of Affimals: Affirmations + Animals (LIT Verlag, 2009) and Dream Affimals (Sunstone Press, 2013) — uplifting books of environmental education. The Humane Society of the United States calls Affimals "an inspiration and a lesson," and children's and nature author T.A. Barron calls it "a wondrous and inspiring book for children of every age.” Click here for a written INTERVIEW and click here for a video INTERVIEW with Bond about Affimals, the process of writing, and the finer points of being an elephant.

Radio Interview: Listen here to Bond's 30-minute radio interview with Denny Smithson, host of "Cover to Cover" on KPFA 94.1fm. The topic of their uplifting conversation: Bond's latest book, Dream Affimals (Affirmations + Animals). (aired on December 30, 2013)

Featured blog post: Read a review of Bond and her work by Laurel Nathanson, artist, teacher, and creator of Lolo's Laboratory.

Photo Gallery

Coyote in Berkeley, CA Western Bluebird in Berkeley, CA Red-Shouldered Hawk in Berkeley, CA Jewel Lake in Tilden Park Chipmunk in Bryce Canyon, UT Emerald Bay in Lake Tahoe, CA Anthurium from Auntie Frances Desert Gold in Death Valley, CA Death Valley, CA Jackrabbit in Glen Canyon, UT Squirrel in South Lake Tahoe, CA Great-Horned Owl on her nest in Berkeley, CA Turkey Vulture in Glen Canyon, UT South Lake Tahoe, CA Butterfly in Great Smoky Mountains, TN Sea Otters in Moss Landing, C Hummingbird in Gualala, CA Red-Tailed Hawk in Gualala, CA Grumpy Roadrunner in Death Valley, CA Elephant Seals in San Simeon, CA

Bond is also the photographer for The Utah Prairie Dog: Life Among the Red Rocks (University of Utah Press, projected for 2014), featuring over 150 images of rare prairie dogs in their natural habitat. Her nature and wildlife photographs have appeared on Discovery Channel Canada and in Science, BBC Earth News, The American Naturalist, The Washington Post, Squirrels of the World (The Johns Hopkins University Press, 2012), An Introduction to Behavioural Ecology 4th ed. (Wiley-Blackwell, 2012), and other popular and scientific media. A complete list is available upon request.

She began her career as senior science writer for the University California Natural Reserve System and went on to write and photograph independently. She currently lives near her favorite childhood park in Orinda, California, where she continues to search the creeks for newts and trace the pawprints of coyotes.

Recent Work

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